Shopping ・ Leisure


Rinku Town offers very attractive commercial facilities, we hope you will enjoy shopping on your visit.

The largest outlet mall in the west of Japan, which has 250 stores of a wide range of fashion genres from casual to luxury, sports, outdoors. There are also plenty of dining areas.

This shopping complex boasts a variety of facilities, including shops, restaurants, a spa, and a bowling alley. There is also a large Ferris wheel that offers a panoramic views over Kansai Airport.

A large shopping mall is well equipped with approximately 90 specialized shops, more than 40 dining facilities, a movie theater and entertainment facilities. 

A 24-hour supermarket that offers a wide range of products including food, daily necessities, medicines, clothing, recreational items, home appliances, and automotive supplies.

This store supplies furniture and interiors suitable to various life styles. They have a wide range of products and sizes, including beds, couches, storage, household goods, and kitchen utensils.

This store sells sports items such as sneakers and sportswear.

A wide variety of products are available, including home appliances, computers, gaming software, DVD’s, mobile phones, household goods, and toys.

This store sells fresh vegetables and fruits from nearby farms, as well as popular local products. There is also a food and beverage area where guests can enjoy fresh seafood bowls and other dishes.

They give tourist information on the famous places, historical sites, and sightseeing, including brochures about popular tourist destinations. In addition, They sell Izumisano City specialties and transportation tickets such as the ‘Amazing Osaka Pass’ and ‘ Inunakisan 1 Day limited Pass’ that are convenient for exploring.

A temporary luggage storage service is available from 10:00 to 18:00. (500 yen per piece).



Rinku Town has parks with beautiful views.

SENNAN LONG PARK (Sennan Rinku Park)

One of the largest recreational facilities where nature abounds in the Kansai region!

High altitude obstacle course gives an impressively exciting experience. What’s more, many outdoor sports and restaurants satisfy you indeed. Can not miss out on glamping buzz facilities!

Rinku Park

Rinku Park is a seaside park with two zones, the "Symbol Garden" and the "Seaside Garden". The greatest feature of the park is the view of the ocean!

You can see arriving and departing airplanes in the other direction, as well as the Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge and Awaji Island, depending on the weather conditions.

Rinku Ice Park

This park has a large grassy plaza and along the park seafront you can find “Kanku Ice Arena”, where you can enjoy ice skating all year round, and Aqua Ignis - a day spa.