Many kinds of restaurants which are famous for beautiful night view or reasonable price are located in Rinku Town.


How about try to find a shop anxious to match the mood of the day.


Don't go home without trying Konamon,Kansai's famous flour-based foods.

Osaka is synonymous with Konamon You can find them here too:

Okonomiyaki,Takoyaki… Which shop do you like?


Don't forget to dine on some great sushi with fresh

A little taste of luxury in Osaka,the city of hearty appetites Today's recommendation is...a rich selection of sushi, with ingredients fished from the ocean nearby.

Japanese food

Find your favorite Japanese food!

However many types of Japanese food are in Rinku Town.


What kind of Japanese food will you choose for today?

Western food

French Italian...

Which menu do you choose today?

Choose the shop to suit your mood and enjoy a wonderful time ♪


Slow down and cool off at a stylish café

Take a break from shopping or walking and
plan your next move in a relaxing space.


Don't forget about … Ramen!

We have that in Rinku Town, too! Ramen shops that care about their craft.How about a tour of all the different ramen shops? What a great way to memorialize a trip.

Food Court

The Food Court has
something for everybody!

Home to an array of restaurants, the Food Court will satisfy every craving.So many menus to choose from -- there's something for everyone!