Model Corse

 A relaxing course while enjoying the view.

Take a stroll and enjoy the wonderful scenery of Rinku Town.


Rinku Town Station

 ~Nankai Airport Line,JR Kansai Airport Line~


Travel light. Drop your belongings off at "Rinku Machi Dokoro"or "Mabruk".




10-minute walk

Rinku Park


Easy access via 2nd floor pathway
from Rinku Town Station.

A Rinku Town oasis by the calm inner sea, surrounded by greenery.Rejuvenate with a stroll around the park.

Our recommended course is here! 



20-minute walk

Marble Beach


Walk through the lush greenery of the park.

Marble Beach is a 2.8-kilometer stretch of beautiful white marble.Take time out of your daily grind, and enjoy the constantly shifting sight in front of you where every moment is different from the next.




15-minute walk



After a full day of enjoying the sights of Rinku Town!

Soak your tired body in an outdoor, and take inventory of all the activities and memories of the day.

【Bathing etiquette】

 Please review the following items before entering the bath:

●No photographs in the changing room and bathroom.
●Please wash and rinse off your body before entering
  the bath tub.
●Please do not put your towels into the bath tub.
●Please refrain from doing your laundry.


Rinku Pleasure Town Seacle's 2nd floor , Rinku Orai-minami 3,Izumisano City
9:00~25:00(Registration deadline 12 midnight)
□Saturdays, Sundays and holidays/
7:00~25:00(Registration deadline 12 midnight)