Rinku Park

Rinku Park is a seashore park with two different green spaces
Symbol and Seaside. The most amazing aspect of this park is its view. The ocean, the landings and departures of the airplanes from the nearby airport, and -- depending on the weather -- the Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge, and on rare occasions, Awaji Island.

Symbol green tract of land

From spring to fall, Hanakaido rock garden blooms with more than 50 species of perennials. The "inner sea" portion of the park, due to its connection to the open sea of the Osaka Bay, experiences the same rise and fall of the ocean's tide.

Seaside green tract of land

Inspired by the white sands and deep blue-green pine trees of Japan's traditional landscape, Marble Beach offers a beautiful vista of the beach and is our recommendation for the view of the sunset. Watch the sun sink slowly and bathe the white sand in a strawberry red.

Rinku Orai-kita 1-271, Izumisano City
TEL.072-469-7717/Open Every Day
Parking Available

Marble Beach

A beach with splendid view of blue sky and ocean, beach filled with white marble stones, and green pine trees at the back.
You can see planes take-off from Kansai Airport.Also a recommended spot for sunset view. It was designated as first "lover's of sanctuary" in Osaka because of its beautiful scenery. Swimming is forbidden, but playing in the water is allowed.Visited by many people including families with children and couples.Free barbecue area is also popular.

Sano Fishing Port

Check out and buy the fresh catch at the market. Dining on fish caught that day makes for memorable meal!

The Sano Fishing Port is among, if not.Osaka's top port in terms of volume.Watch the 2 pm auction of the afternoon catch! The Open Air market, which is open on week days, has 31 stalls, all of them selling fresh fish like Sea Bream,Flounder, and Blue Crab. The first floor sushi restaurant "Yutarosushi" offers sushi and Kaisendon (seafood bowl) using fresh, quality ingredients. Iruka on the second floor recommends its Anagodo
(Anago eel bowl), and the lunch spot Maido features fresh sashimi and Kaisenyaki(char-grilled seafood).

Shinmachi 2-5187-101, Izumisano City
10:00~18:00/Closed Wednesdays
Parking Available

Tajiri Port Marine Center

Ride a fishing boat! Enjoy commercial fishing or a cruise around Kansai Airport!

Experience commercial fishing and have a seafood barbecue with your fresh catch,or cruise around Kansai Airport while watching airplanes come and go from the Kansai International Airport (reservations required).

For something authentic,head over to Umizuri Port Tajiri for a dynamic fishing experience, or to sushi restaurant Nishikawa, where local fare is served up regularly.

Rinku Port Kita 1, Sennan-gun Tajirichou

Seafood barbecue, commercial fishing,cruising (April through November)
Sunday Market 7:00~12:00(Every Sunday)
Umizuri Port Tajiri Reservatiuons required
7:00~17:00/Closed Tuesdays
Parking Available

Okadaura Fishing Port

Experience seine fishing.Work together to pull in a big catch!

A fishing port where you can experience seine fishing. Join more than 50 people to haul in fish using a large 250-meter seine net.We will take the catch and let them swim in a gigantic fish tank, enjoy a seafood barbecue or a fisherman's cuisine.The Sunday Open Air Market features fresh fish stalls that sell catch from the Osaka Bay, as well as Octopus Rice and Anago(eel) Tempura.

Rinku Minamihama, Sennan City
Seafood Barbecue, commercial fishing,cruising,seine fishing, fisherman's cuisine (April through October).
Sunday Open-air Market
6:30-12:00(every Sunday)
Closed (contact the Market)
Parking Available

Tarui Fishing Port

A fishing pond for family and friends,
whether you are new to fishing or a veteran.

Osaka Fishing Pond Sazan caters to all types of anglers, from beginners to the more experienced. A safe environment to catch large fish. Challenge your friends or family to a fish off! (Reservations required) In the summer, swim,board sail or engage in other marine sports at the Tarui Sazan Beach while watching airplanes come and go from the Kansai International Airport.

Rinku Minamihama, Sennan City
Swimming (early July to late August)
TEL072-483-5583 「Osaka Kaijo Fishing Pond Sazan」
Taking reservations 9:00~17:00
Closed (contact the Market)
Parking Available